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It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.”
— Dianna Hardy


Manly, Sydney NSW


Corporate Presentation and Communication Skills Coaching


0422 864 748

I’m helping the voices of our future leaders find their pitch and really connect with their message and their audience.

To do this I employ actor training techniques and the age-old art of story-telling, grounded in the latest scientific insights into neuro-linguistics and physiology.

My extensive personal experience in various corporate leadership roles gives me the insight to be able to understand the context and challenges facing today’s leaders.




Working one-on-one I'll help you identify your unconscious presenting habits. You can then decide what to change, to improve or to emphasise. 
You'll learn to structure your presentations to balance fact, delivery and inspiration. 
Arm yourself with the same tricks actors use to impact the audience and get the message across — eye contact, gestures (where to put your hands), voice dynamics and how to deal with the first moments on stage. 
Understand the psychology of your audience and feel comfortable interacting with them. 
Master your confidence to trust and enjoy the actor within. 

Interview Preparation

It's a skill that's crucial to a successful career, but very few of us are truly comfortable selling ourselves. 

You've got your foot in the door, now you need to nail the interview and exude confidence and charisma. 

Together we'll hone your performance, script and technique so they are dying to "cast you in their play".

Professional communication


Feedback and discussion

Feedback and discussion

Recent Feedback

"I found your workshop very exciting and immediately useful. There were lots of extremely useful recommendations which have already helped me grow. I've started applying the concept of 'stretching myself' to build confidence in front of an audience."

- Yelena Lazareva


"Loved working with you, Abe. Such professionalism and your rich experience was a joy to listen to. Enjoyed the fun exercises and made some new friends too. Thanks!"

- Illyas JaZZ


"Course was fantastic. Learned a lot in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Will definitely recommend."

- Tayon Macafferty


"I needed to hone my presentation and clarify the message. But we achieved a lot more than that. I received excellent feedback and now have the tools I need to succeed again and again. Cheers."

- Anonymous


My Curriculum Vitae 


Ccoming from a solid base of more than a decade in senior corporate leadership roles combined with a life time of exposure to theatre and actor training techniques. I’ve done the time in the corporate world, seen presentations good and bad and seen actors' performances land and fail.

Actors and presenters need the same skills - they worked for Socrates, Shakespeare and for Churchill. They'll work for you.

I learned these techniques from Australia's top Executive Coach, Isobel Kirk. I’m working alongside her, training many Australian executives.

2016 to present

Speak Coaching



2012 to present

Executive Voice  


Training under Mentor Isobel Kirk and co-teaching workshops, assisting with one-on-one coaching the day-to-day operations of her highly successful and exclusive coaching practise.


2011 to 2016


IT Director, ANZ Southern (NSW, VIC, SA, ACT)

Leading a team of 30 staff across the region as a member of the senior management team responsible for all IT functions, infrastructure and client service.


2006 to 2011

The Benevolent Society

IT Manager

Head of the technology department accountable for all strategic and operation aspects of IT. Providing vision and leadership to develop initiatives, manage 15 staff members and ensure continuous delivery of IT systems and services.

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
— Albert Einstein